Bird Control Systems bird scarer's and bird deterrents feature the Peregrine Pro Hawk Kite and Helikite


Balloon Gas is at least 98% helium plus 2% or less impurities. It is far cheaper than pure, laboratory grade helium and is very suitable for Helikites. It is easily available via Allsopp Helikites who will arrange for it to be delivered to your door direct from our gas supplier.

Mighty Widget Balloon Gas Cylinder.     Cost £77.50 + £85 Returnable Deposit.

These cylinders contain 2.2 cubic metres of balloon gas compressed within a volume of 10 litres and will fill about 12 of the 38 inch Mylar balloons used in the Lightweight and Vigilante Helikites. They are 3ft tall, 6 inches wide and each weigh 17Kg. They need a separate brass regulator valve that is available direct from Allsopp Helikites Ltd. (UK Only).


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