Bird Control Systems bird scarer's and bird deterrents feature the Peregrine Pro Hawk Kite and Helikite



The unique Helikites can fly at great heights (up to 60 meters). This enables them to be seen over hills or hedges and to have excellent birdscaring ability over vast areas - far more than is usual with any other method. A Helikite is cheap to buy. You can buy four for the average price of one propane banger or wailer. This will save you hundreds of pounds or dollars and the vast coverage of each Helikite means that you can afford to protect the entire area of your vulnerable crops.

Are you fed up with putting an expensive squawk box at one end of the filed only to see the birds feeding at the other end?  Then complete area bird control using economical Helikites is for you.

Area Control

What other birdscarer protects such large areas?

What other birdscarer is as inexpensive per acre?

Please compare this feature's chart closely before you buy.

Vital Birdscarer Features Helikite Propane
Sonic-Wailers Flashing
Controls up to 25 Acres € X X X
Very low habituation € X X X
Reliable on rooks / crows € X X X
Reliable near animals / silage € X X X
Silent - no complaints € X X X
Works over hills and hedges € X X X
Can work at night € X X X
Easy to set up and move around € X € €
No breakable moving parts € X € X
Costs from less than £100 to buy € X X X
Costs under £5 / acre € X X X
Reliable where birds have already started eating € X X X
No Battery required (that can be stolen) € € X X X
Vital Birdscarer Features Helikite Propane Banger Sonic - Wailers Flashing Scarers

There is nothing more frustrating than buying a noisy birdscarer that does not perform well. As the birds become more habituated they will creep closer and closer until they are virtually (or actually) sitting on the thing. You will have wasted a lot of time and money and a limited mechanical guarantee does not help.

Bird Control Systems Ltd offers a full two month guarantee of bird control effectiveness of Helikites against wild birds.

This will give you ample time to test our claims of long term bird control, because birds tend to get used to many birdscarers after a couple of weeks. Hard winters are no excuse, nor are late sowing, a rookery nearby, or a pigeon flight-path (Helikites cause them to move). Birdscarers should work all the time they are needed within their stated criterion. Do yours?

Unrivalled Bird-Control Experience and Data

Please check out your own bird-control situation against our unique acreage chart.
Depending on the type of bird and the food value of the crop the area protected by one Helikite varies. This is common to all birdscarers. The following table shows the acreage of protection over which the Helikites have proven to be effective against wild birds.

You will not see a chart as detailed as this from any other birdscarer manufacturer.
They may prefer to give you vague promises of the area protected by their scarers. We prefer quantitative, observed data. Helikites control more than twice the area of most scarers. This chart might change slightly over time as we obtain new information from farmers or scientists, but as far as we know, it is the only such chart in existence. We are always interested in any birdscaring data you have. Please ring us.




ACRES ( 1ha = 2.5 acres )
Rooks + Crows  
Emerging Cereals 15
Laid Cereals 15
Landfill Sites 1 - 6
Farm Buildings 5
Pig and Cattle Units 2 - 5
Drilled Maize 10 - 5
Strawberries 10
Wood Pigeons  
Oil seed-Rape 20 - 25
Emerging Cereals 20 - 25
Peas 20
Young Cabbages 15
Beans 15
Laid Cereals 15 - 25
Drilled Maize 15 - 20
Cherries / Top Fruit 5
Strawberries 7
Farm Buildings 1 - 5
Cattle Units 1 - 3
Small Birds  
Grapes / Bush Crop 3 - 5
Strawberries 3 - 5
Fish Farms 10
Rivers 400m
Local Geese  
Oil seed rape 20
Grass / Cereals 25
Migratory Geese  
Grass / Cereals 30 - 50
Woodland Edge 1 - 5
Landfill Sites 1 - 6
Building Sites 2
British Herons  
Fish farms  
Fruit Farms 5
Rice 10
Ground Nesting Birds  
Building site wasteland 10

Cost Comparisons

This example shows estimated costs per acre, to protect 100 acres of emerging peas over four years against pigeons by three different mainstream birdscaring methods.

1. Vigilante Helikites,

which cost £111 each and protect 20 acres each. Therefore 5 units are required.
(5 x £111) + helium gas of £70 = £625
for one season.
Assuming the units last 4 years and 50 x £6 extra spare balloons are needed over the next 3 years:
(5 x £111 Vigilante Helikites) + (5 x £70 helium) + £300 extra spare balloons:
Total Cost Overall = £995

2. Large steel flashing windmill birdscarers

which retail at about £300 each and cover about 10 acres each. Therefore 10 units are required.
Therefore assuming the units last 4 years with no extra running costs:
(If Birds-Eye buying costs are different please re-calculate with those prices)

Total Cost Overall = £3,000

3. Noise producing auditory birdscarers

which retail at about £350 each and protect about 10 acres each. Therefore 10 units are required.
Therefore assuming the units last 4 years with no extra running costs:
(If Birds-Eye buying costs are different please re-calculate with those prices)

Total Cost Overall = £3,500

Total cost: £995  overall

Total cost: £3,000 overall

Total cost: £3,500 overall

The comparison in the bar chart below shows the relative costs measured in £ per acre / per year for scaring during one season (in Red) and also over four seasons (in Green).

Cost comparison

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