Bird Control Systems bird scarer's and bird deterrents feature the Peregrine Pro Hawk Kite and Helikite

Tremble Balloons

Tough, mirrored Mylar Tremble Balloon Flashes, spins and moves in the slightest breeze and needs minimal helium top-up through the balloon’s non–return valve.









Tremble Balloon A Six metre Tremble Pole allows the Tremble Balloon  to fly over 30 feet in the air for Excellent bird control.

Telescopic Tremble Pole bends and vibrates in the wind, causing the balloon to fly erratically in the sky to scare the birds.

Loops along line spread the strain down the whole length of the line instead of the pole.

6 metre Tremble Pole +
Tremble Balloons +
10 metres of Tremble line +
Support Stake £69.50

Spare Tremble Balloons £14 for 2

Prices EXCLUDE Carriage and VAT

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