Bird Control Systems bird scarer's and bird deterrents feature the Peregrine Pro Hawk Kite and Helikite


Kite Pole

13 Metre Pole
Suitable for Hawk Kites or Helikites
Carbon Fibre
6 Metre Pole
(Not for Helikites)
Height assembled: 13 Metres 6 Metres
Base diameter: 40mm 30mm
Collapses down to: 130x4x8cm 114x3x4cm
Weight: 4 kg 1.5 Kg
CONSTRUCTION Ten x 130cm tapered aluminium sections slot into each other to create the mast. Carbon Fibre Telescopic Pole
DEPLOYMENT The sections are slotted together, then it is pushed up by hand and secured. It can be strapped to a solid object such as a fence post or it can be guyed. (Fence post and guy ropes not included) Time to deployment 10 minutes. Sections slide into each other (Must only be used with support stake)
Price: £142 £34

Support Stake (for 6 Metre Pole) £9.50

Prices are excluding Delivery and VAT

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