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Bird Control Systems bird scarer's and bird deterrents feature the Peregrine Pro Hawk Kite and Helikite


Designed to control feral birds that cannot be scared, the Bird-Swipe actually pushes birds away from a circular area up to 10 foot in diameter.

bird swipe on boat

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Perfect for protecting boats, cars, balconies, caravans, silos, rooftops, patios, vegetable gardens, ponds, air conditioning units, factories, pylons etc. It is a wind turbine based on the very successful Flashman design but with a lower visible profile to be unobtrusive and with long safety tipped carbon-fibre or glass-fibre arms of variable length, that rotate slowly in the slightest breeze. No motor, no noise, minimal maintenance and easy to set up and move. The Bird-Swipe will protect large areas of roof against birds when bought in bulk. Optional stands cost extra. The Bird-Swipe is an extremely powerful bird control device – very useful. 

Protected by Patent No. GB2350407

PRICE £78.00 each for the 10 foot Bird-Swipe

Carriage: £11

Large roof areas can be covered very cheaply and any boat protected.