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Bird-Trip (Bird Wire)

The New flexible type of Bird Wire

Bird Trip Bird Wire system A new easy to use, removable bird wire. Bird-trip stops birds perching on eaves, railings, pipes, gutters, ledges etc. Deploy Bird-Trip along these areas and see how the surprised birds have to fly away from their favourite perching places when they try to land! Using Bird Trip, birds find that they cannot perch near the wire. Bird-Trip has the unique feature that it exploits easily used Velcro to wrap around pipes or railings to secure the support posts of the Bird-Trip in place.

Makes installation or removal possible in seconds! Now anyone can install bird wire themselves – saving £££`s. Bird-Trip can also beglued or screwed in place if preferred. Bird Trip on Long Roof RidgeThe “wire” is in fact strong, thin, lightweight, low-stretch “Spectra” water-repellent line.This enables far greater length between support posts without sagging compared to steel. So the quick and easy “Bird-Trip” is less visible and very inexpensive per metre.

It only costs £12 to protect 5 metres.

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Bird Trip (Bird Wire)

Bird-Trip Versatile attachment systems cover every situation.
Instantly stops birds perching

Bird-Trip`s unique Velcro strapping system allows the bird-wire, to be quickly and easily strapped to pipes or railings and also removed instantly if required.

Bird Trip Grid Screw Attached
Bird-Trip can be stuck to ledges or window sills with epoxy adhesive or hot-glue.  The special lightweight sag-resistant bird-wire allows distances of 5 metres between posts, compared to only one metre for standard bird wires. This gives a tremendous cost saving for long runs

Bird-trip can be very solidly fixed to wood, concrete or brick by screwing suitable screw fixings through the rubber block in whatever formation is convenient to repel birds from perching on unsuitable surfaces. It can then later be removed by unscrewing if desired.